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EasyPalmCards makes it easy to convert paragraphs of text into perfect sized palm cards every time. EasyPalmCards is the essential tool for debates, presentations, speeches and so much more.

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How It Works

Step 1: Create

Use our easy-to-use editor to create your palm cards.

Step 2: Customise

Customise your cards with different fonts, colours, and layouts.

Step 3: Export

Export your palm cards as PDFs or print them directly.

Palm Cards vs. Flash Cards

Choose the right solution based on your needs: quick reference during presentations (palm cards) or studying and memorization (flash cards).

Palm Cards

  • Designed for quick reference during speeches or presentations
  • Usually contain summarised key points or prompts
  • Commonly used by speakers, debaters, and presenters
  • Provide a structured outline for the speaker's talk

Flash Cards

  • Primarily used for studying and memorisation
  • Contain information on both sides for question and answer format
  • Effective for reviewing facts, vocabulary, and concepts
  • Encourage active recall and spaced repetition learning techniques

EasyPalmCards: Your Essential Palm Card Creation Tool

Short on time and need professional-looking palm cards? EasyPalmCards has been empowering professionals and learners since 2015. Even with limited prep time, you can transform your existing content – research notes, drafts, outlines – into professional-looking palm cards, perfectly sized for quick reference during your next speech or presentation.

Forget spending hours manually formatting notecards in complicated word processors. EasyPalmCards takes the hassle out of creating palm cards, even under pressure. Simply import your text, and watch it magically transform into clear, well-organised cards – no time wasted on tedious formatting.


Easy-to-use Editor

Our editor is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for anyone to create palm cards quickly.

Customisable Fonts

Choose from a variety of fonts to make your palm cards stand out.

Colour Options

Customise the colours of your palm cards to match your style.


Easily print your palm cards or export them as PDFs.


Share your palm cards with others directly from our platform.

Cloud Storage

Save your palm cards securely in the cloud and access them anytime.

Supercharge Your Learning & Speaking with EasyPalmCards!

Speak with Confidence

Never forget your train of thought again. Palm cards act as handy reference points, keeping you focused and delivering impactful presentations.

Master Any Subject

Craft effective study tools! Condense key information from lectures, textbooks, or notes onto palm cards for easy recall during exams or tests.

Boost Knowledge Retention

Palm cards promote active recall, a powerful learning technique. By summarising key points, you solidify information in your memory for better long-term retention.

Save Time & Effort

Stop wasting time rewriting notes. Generate palm cards directly from existing documents. EasyPalmCards takes care of the formatting, letting you focus on what's important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are EasyPalmCards?

EasyPalmCards is a free online tool that allows you to easily create and customize palm cards, cue cards, debate cards, and flash cards.

What are the benefits of using EasyPalmCards?

EasyPalmCards can help you improve your recall, focus your studies, manage your time effectively, and deliver impactful presentations.

Is EasyPalmCards free?

Yes, EasyPalmCards offers a free plan with basic features. There may be premium plans available with additional features.

Can I collaborate with others on creating palm cards?

This feature is not available yet, but we are working on adding collaboration functionalities in future updates.

How do I format text in my palm cards?

Currently, EasyPalmCards offers basic formatting options like bold and italics. We plan to introduce more advanced formatting options in the future.

Can I add images to my palm cards?

No, image uploads are not supported at this time. We are exploring the possibility of adding image functionalities in a future update.

Classic Editor Discontinuation

Why did you discontinue the classic editor?

We are constantly striving to improve EasyPalmCards and provide the best possible experience for our users. The classic editor was based on older technology and limited our ability to add new features and functionalities.

How do I create palm cards now that the classic editor is gone?

We have introduced a new, modern editor that is easier to use and offers more features than the classic editor. You can access the new editor by visiting our website and clicking on the "Launch Editor" button.