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EasyPalmCards makes it easy to convert paragraphs into perfect sized palm cards every time. Try the new improved editor now and create palm cards in an instant! EasyPalmCards is the essential tool for debates, presentations, speeches and so much more.

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Customise everything

Make the changes you need to with your palm cards and get on with it.

Don’t waste time manually editing your palm cards. Perfectly tweak what you need every time.

Edit text

Easily change the text of your palm cards even after they are created.

Export to PDF

Easily save your generated palm cards right to PDF or print them directly from our editor.

Share with friends

You can easily generate a share link, to share your palm cards with your friends for collaboration.

Automatic creation

Already have a speech you need converted? Our editor allows you to easily import text and instantly convert them into perfect size palm cards.

Automatic height

Each palm card may have a different amount of words. Our app ensures all palm cards are the same height everytime.

Save to Cloud

Need to work on your palm cards later? You can easily save your palm cards to EasyPalmCards Cloud and work on them later.

Change the font, width & colour

Easily change any aspect of your palm cards, to curate them the way you like.

We're Australian

Built by WebDigital, a local digital creative agency on the Gold Coast, we’re proud to be 100% Australian owned and managed.

Easily make palm cards for any industry.

With EasyPalmCards, you can easily generate perfect sized vow cards or palm cards for any occasion. Simply import the text, and they’ll be converted automatically into perfect sized palm cards.

Palm Cards have never been so breathtaking

Our palm cards are so stunning to look at. At EasyPalmCards, we want to make your life easier and help you to still deliver on professionalism and quality every time.


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What happened to the old editor?

We recently launched our new modern editor. However, we understand users who may be more familiar with our classic editor will be happy to know it’s still available. Simply go to

How can I get in contact?

If you require support, we are more than happy to help. Please click here for support.

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